“Wake Me Up” by Avicii Honored with Diamond Certification

“Wake Me Up” by Avicii has received an honorable Diamond from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for over 10 million certified units and is the highest certified dance/electronic song in RIAA History with the multi-platinum (11X) digital single. As the first Swedish artist in history to receive this prestigious award, this remarkable achievement solidifies Avicii’s position as one of the most defining artists of modern pop. 

Avicii, renowned for his melodic songs and inspirational lyrics, captivated audiences worldwide with his genre-blending tracks, making him one of the defining artists of modern pop. Avicii is widely regarded as one of the most influential house producers of all time, and the music is considered the soundtrack of a generation.

“Wake Me Up,” the leading single by Avicii, masterfully combined house music and traditional bluegrass elements, propelled it to the number one spot on Billboard and topping iTunes charts in over 60 countries. The song also achieved the distinction of being the most streamed track on Spotify at the time of its release, solidifying Avicii’s status as a sought-after pop producer. Collaborations with music icons like Madonna and Coldplay further propelled his career.

Now, “Wake Me Up” has reached yet another significant milestone. The Diamond Award, which recognizes 10 million certified units of an album or song. With “Wake Me Up” earning a Diamond certification, it is the highest certified dance/electronic song in RIAA History.

Reflecting on their collaboration, Aloe Blacc, who performed the vocals on “Wake Me Up,” shared,

“Tim’s energy and effort in producing my vocal performance and other instrumentation really shows the passion he had for creating.” 

On Saturday, June 17, “Wake Me Up” will celebrate its 10th anniversary since its release in 2013. Due to its unexpected blend of genres and live musicians performing a bluegrass song, “Wake Me Up” initially met with mixed responses when premiering live at Ultra Music Festival in Miami earlier that year, but quickly became a global success upon its official release.

To this day, the song remains an iconic symbol of Avicii’s boundary-pushing creativity and his lasting impact on the global music scene. 


Byline: Cim Ek / Avicii Music AB

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