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Marvin Gaye - Save The Children (SaLaAM ReMi Remix)

Thanks to the help of visual artists on #Fiverr, watch the first-ever music video for Marvin Gaye's Save The Children. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of What's Going On by Marvin Gaye, Grammy-nominated producer SaLaAM ReMi released Save The World: Remix Suite —a four-track project featuring new auditory imaginings of some of Marvin's timeless hits. Universal Music Enterprise invited Fiverr artists to listen to SaLaAM ReMi's remix of Marvin's song “Save the Children” and then illustrate a 2D child character based on their interpretation of the song. Submissions ranged from traditional cartoons to abstract sketches, graffiti, anime, doodles, and more. Select submissions were included in this official music video for "Save The Children." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Order the "What's Going On" 50th Anniversary 2LP: Subscribe to the channel to never miss an update: Stream Marvin Gaye Apple Music: Spotify: Amazon: Pandora: Follow Marvin Gaye: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Characters designed by the following Fiverr users. Follow them on Fiverr: Kenneth S. @americanstar Naheda H. @naidaart Elena B. @elenabazile Sabrina N. @sabrinanewsome Joshua B. @Joshb1023 Angel L'Mae R. @HelloCrisis Maria C. @Mariacportal Sasha S. @sashastone93 Mishanta J. @mitchellajames Faith M. @fgames2 Brandon R. @themystereed Faiza A. @incisestudio Annabelle E. @viciousmilk Pascal B. @PascalButler Dominique S. @potaytofysh Vaness S.L. @lifecoachv #MarvinGaye #SaveTheChildren



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