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The Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby (Official Music Video)

The official music video for “Don’t Worry Baby” performed by The Beach Boys as part of the four-part music video miniseries. View the full schedule below. Listen to The Beach Boys 'Sounds of Summer' playlist on YouTube: Follow The Beach Boys: ☀ Facebook: ☀ TikTok: ☀ Twitter: ☀ Instagram: Shop official merch from The Beach Boys at Sign up for The Beach Boys official newsletter “A Thing Or Two” to get rare stories, photos and more delivered fresh to your inbox each month: Full Watch Schedule: ☀ Friday, September 9 at 6AM PDT – Part One: “Barbara Ann” ☀ Saturday, September 10 at 9AM PDT – Part Two: “Don’t Worry Baby” ☀ Friday, September 16 at 9AM PDT – Part Three: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” ☀ Saturday, September 17 at 9AM PDT – Part Four: “God Only Knows” #TheBeachBoys #DontWorryBaby #SoundsOfSummer



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