LOS ANGELES and PLEASANTON, Calif. – November 14, 2012 – Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) and Milyoni, the leader in social entertainment, today announced the availability of “Legends in the Cloud” offerings which will allow Facebook users to stream a variety of documentaries, films and concerts on a pay-per-view basis as well as purchase music and merchandise.  Using Milyoni’s new Social 3.0 technology, music enthusiasts will enjoy a dynamic page layout based on a larger video player screen size and time-released Social Widgets, including images, trivia, polls and video clips that appear during the documentary, film or concert.  As users interact with these time-released Social Widgets, they can share them with friends and other fans on Facebook and other social networks. Users can also make their own comments and share their experiences throughout.  

Milyoni will debut its new Social 3.0 technology beginning with a presentation of the multiple Emmy-award winning George Harrison: Living in the Material World on December 8, 2012 with a hosted global event featuring an exclusive introduction from Olivia Harrison and a fan-sponsored Q&A for George Harrison: Living in the Material World.  The “Legends in the Cloud” series will provide a unique and socially interactive experience that leverages the cutting-edge, social cinema platform already established by Milyoni. Serving as an online destination for mobile, social and Web-seekers, the platform will enable music enthusiasts to gather together and enjoy beloved artists for the first time on Facebook.

 “By partnering with Milyoni and premiering George Harrison: Living in the Material World, we are able to expose a brand new generation of fans to our catalog of music legends allowing a level of interaction and social engagement never before possible,” said Bruce Resnikoff, President/CEO, UMe. “Reaching Facebook’s growing number of over 1 billion users means that audiences who never before had a chance to view, and interact with these artists can now discover them for the first time.”

“The music industry has an extremely devoted fan following, and we are thrilled to join forces with UMe to broaden the social entertainment experience into the world of musicians,” said John Corpus, CEO, Milyoni. “With Milyoni’s new Social 3.0 technology, and ‘Legends in the Cloud’ we are expanding social engagement with a new UI for shareable clips, quotes, polls and more, and bringing iconic artists to a fresh generation of music-lovers through an even more interactive social platform.”

Milyoni and UMe will follow the debut with an array of documentaries, films and concerts from other renowned UMeartists to be streamed over the next 90 days as part of the “Legends in the Cloud”kick-off series.