Ume Reissues Five Classic Uptown Records Albums From Jodeci, Guy, Heavy D & The Boyz, & Christopher Williams

(March 4, 2022 — Los Angeles, CA) Celebrating one of the most storied labels in R&B and hip-hop, Universal Music Enterprises reissues a suite of five classics from Uptown Records available now. The label proudly presents the definitive versions of these albums with unreleased tracks, remixes, and more. Guy’s The Future (Expanded Edition)Heavy D & The Boyz’s Big Tyme (Expanded Edition)Jodeci’s Forever My Lady, Jodeci’s Diary of a Mad Band (Expanded Edition), and Christopher Williams’s Changes (Expanded Edition) arrived at all DSPs today.

Listen to Guy’sThe Future (Expanded Edition)HERE.

Listen to Heavy D & The Boyz’s Big Tyme (Expanded Edition)HERE.

Listen to Jodeci’s Forever My Lady (Expanded Edition)HERE.

Listen to Jodeci’s Diary of a Mad Band (Expanded Edition)HERE.

Listen to Christopher Williams’s Changes (Expanded Edition) —HERE.

Embodying the spirit of the “New Jack Swing” movement, New York R&B phenomenon GuyTeddy RileyAaron Hall, and Damion Hall—shined on their second full-length offering, The Future. After landing on November 13, 1990, it captured #1 on the Billboard R&B Albums Chart and scaled the Top 20 of the Top 200. It eventually went platinum and spawned the smash “Let’s Chill, cracking the Billboard Hot 100 as well as ascending to #10 on the Hot Dance Single Sales Chart and #3 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Chart. Meanwhile, “D-O-G Me Out” reached #8 on the Billboard US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles and Tracks and #15 on the US Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales chart. The Expanded Edition boasts a staggering 20 new tracks.

Meanwhile, New York hip-hop juggernaut Heavy D & The Boyz catapulted into the Top 20 of the Billboard Top 200 and seized #1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart after hitting the streets on June 12, 1989. It went platinum off the strength of timeless East Coast bangers such as “We Got Our Own Thang,” “Somebody For Me,” and “Gyrlz, They Love Me. It would be the swan song for late bandmate Trouble T Roy. The Expanded Edition touts 7 additional tracks.

Jodeci introduced themselves with their earth-shaking debut Forever My Lady on May 28, 1991. Upon release, it soared to #1 on the Billboard Top R&B Albums Chart and Top 20 at Top 200 at #17. Out of three Hot 100 singles, “Come and Talk To Me” climbed into the Top 15. This iconic R&B opus went triple-platinum in the US with sales of over 3 million and a total of 8 million copies worldwide. The Expanded Edition houses 24 more tracks.

Diary of a Mad Band remains an American R&B classic from JodeciUptown Records unveiled the record just before Christmas 1993 on December 21, and it gifted the world the historic first appearances from TimbalandMissy Elliott, and Sista, while Redman also pulled up for a feature. Diary of a Mad Band notably marked the group’s second #1 on the R&B Album Chart. Plus, it would be highlighted by the #1 R&B smash “Cry For You, #2 “Feenin’,” and Top 15 “What About Us. Not to mention, “My Heart Belongs To U” charted for 20 weeks on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay Chart. It became quadruple-platinum in the United States, moving 6 million units worldwide. The Expanded Edition completes the vision with 15 extra tracks.

Christopher Williams first shared his second album, Changes, on December 29, 1992. Beyond peaking at #63 on the Billboard Top 200, it vaulted to #12 on the R&B Albums Chart. The single “I’m Dreamin” climbed to #1 on the Billboard US R&B Songs Chart and soundtracked the end credits of New Jack City. Plus, “Every Little Thing U Do” broke into the Top 10 of Billboard’s US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles and Tracks chart at #7. The Expanded Edition features 11 more tracks!

These stand out as just a snapshot of Uptown Records’ legacy. Founded by the late Andre Harrell in 1986, the label served as the first home to everyone from Mary J. BligeFather MC, and Soul for Real to The Notorious B.I.G. It invariably set the blueprint for nineties R&B and hip-hop, and its influence grows stronger with each decade as evidenced by these reissues.

Be on the lookout for more soon.

Guy – The Future [Expanded Edition] Tracklisting
1. Her

  1. Wanna Get With U
  2. Do Me Right
  3. Teddy’s Jam 2
  4. Let’s Chill
  5. Tease Me Tonite
  6. D-O-G Me Out
  7. Total Control
  8. Gotta Be A Leader
  9. The Future
  10. Let’s Stay Together
  11. Where Did The Love Go
  12. Yearning For Your Love
  13. Smile
  14. Long Gone
  15. Wanna Get With U [Club Version]
  16. Her (7″ Mix)
  17. Her (Extended Mix)
  18. Her (House Mix)
  19. Wanna Get With U (7″ Mix)
  20. Wanna Get With U (12″ Mix)
  21. Wanna Get With U (Hip-Hop Version)
  22. Wanna Get With U (TR’s Dub)
  23. Do Me Right (7″ Edit)
  24. Do Me Right (Remixed Radio Edit)
  25. Do Me Right (Piano Accapella)
  26. Do Me Right (Extended Club Version)
  27. Let’s Chill (Extended Remix Version)
  28. Let’s Chill (The Seduction Soliloguy)
  29. Let’s Chill (Chilled Vocal Version)
  30. D-O-G Me Out (Single Edit)
  31. D-O-G Me Out (Single Edit With Rap)
  32. D-O-G Me Out (Mike Nice Dub Mix)
  33. D-O-G Me Out (Wrecks N Effect Rap)
  34. D-O-G Me Out (Canine Club Version)
  35. D-O-G Me Out (Dogapella)

Heavy D & The Boyz – Big Tyme [Expanded Edition] Tracklisting
1. We Got Our Own Thang

  1. You Ain’t Heard Nuttin Yet
  2. Somebody For Me
  3. Mood For Love
  4. Ez Duz It, Do It Ez
  5. A Better Land
  6. Gyrlz, They Love Me
  7. More Bounce
  8. Big Tyme
  9. Flexin’
  10. Here We Go Again, Y’All
  11. Let It Flow
  12. We Got Our Own Thang (Peace, Love, & Heaviness Remix)
  13. We Got Our Own Thang (Club Version)
  14. We Got Our Own Thang (7″ Version)
  15. We Got Our Own Thang (A Cappella)
  16. More Bounce (Radio Remix)
  17. Big Tyme (Radio Remix)
  18. Big Tyme (Extended Remix

Jodeci – Forever My LAdy [Expanded Edition] Tracklisting

  1. Stay
  2. Come And Talk To Me
  3. Forever My Lady
  4. I’m Still Waiting
  5. U&I
  6. Interlude
  7. My Phone
  8. Gotta Love
  9. Play Thang
  10. It’s Alright
  11. Treat U
  12. Xs We Share
  13. Cherish (Hip Hop Version)
  14. Stay (Extended)
  15. Stay [Swing Drums]
  16. Stay [Swing Bass]
  17. Stay [Acappella]
  18. Stay [Instrumental]
  19. Come And Talk To Me (Radio Remix)
  20. Come And Talk To Me (Hip-Hop Remix)
  21. Come And Talk To Me (Horny Remix)
  22. Come And Talk To Me (Dance Remix)
  23. Come And Talk To Me (Instrumental)
  24. I’m Still Waiting (Swing Mob Radio Mix)
  25. I’m Still Waiting (Swing Hip-Hop Mix)
  26. I’m Still Waiting (Daddy’s Jeep Mix)
  27. I’m Still Waiting (Daddy’s Hip-Hop Mix)
  28. I’m Still Waiting (Jazz Version)
  29. I’m Still Waiting (Instrumental)
  30. Gotta Love (12″ Edit)
  31. Gotta Love (Hip-Hop Mix)
  32. Gotta Love (Daddy Hip-Hop)
  33. Gotta Love (Daddy Hip-Hop Instrumental)
  34. Gotta Love (Daddy R&B)
  35. Gotta Love (Daddy R&B Instrumental)
  36. Gotta Love (Swing R&B)
  37. Gotta Love (Swing Bass)
  38. Gotta Love (Swing Act)

Jodeci – Diary of a Mad Band [Expanded Edition] Tracklisting
1. My Heart Belongs To U

  1. Cry For You
  2. Feenin’
  3. What About Us
  4. Ride & Slide
  5. Alone
  6. Lately
  7. You Got It
  8. Won’t Waste You
  9. In The Meanwhile
  10. Gimme All You Got
  11. Sweaty
  12. Let’s Go Through The Motions
  13. Jodecidal Hotline
  14. Success
  15. My Heart Belongs To U (Touchdown Working Remix)
  16. Cry For You (Radio Version)
  17. Cry For You (Extended)
  18. Cry For You (Acapella)
  19. Cry For You (Instrumental)
  20. Feenin’ (Radio Version)
  21. Feenin’ (Acappella)
  22. Feenin (The Delta 70 B Boy Classic)
  23. Feenin’ (E Double Gets Bizzy)
  24. Feenin’ (Get Bizzy Instrumental)
  25. Feenin’ (E Double Gets Bizz-E-R)
  26. You Got It (Cosmac Dub)
  27. Won’t Waste You (Nick Hussey Remix)

Christopher Williams – Changes [Expanded Edition] Tracklisting
1. All I See

  1. Don’t U Wanna Love
  2. Good Luvin’
  3. Come Go With Me
  4. When A Fool Becomes A Man
  5. Changes
  6. Where Is The Love
  7. Let’s Get Right
  8. Where Are U Now
  9. Every Little Thing U Do
  10. Please, Please, Please
  11. Dreamin’
  12. Come Go With Me (Unplugged Version)
  13. Every Little Thing U Do (Radio Mix)
  14. Every Little Thing U Do (Dawghouse Mix)
  15. Every Little Thing U Do (Mr. Kent’s Mix)
  16. Every Little Thing U Do (Clark And Tim Flip Da Bass)
  17. Every Little Thing U Do (Supermen Mix)
  18. Dreamin’ (Radio Mix)
  19. Dreamin’ (Radio Mix Without Rap)
  20. Dreamin’ (Hip-Hop Radio Version)
  21. Dreamin’ (Crazy Hip-Hop Version)
  22. Dreamin’ (A Capella Slap Bass Version)