Gomez Announce The Release Of The Remastered 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF LIQUID SKIN Due For Release on July 12TH 2019

The various formats also include limited edition clear vinyl.

To pre-order the Ltd Clear Vinyl LP, CD or 180g Vinyl go to GomezTheBand.com

Gomez also today share previously unheard track “THROWIN’ MYSELF AWAY” – LISTEN HERE


Mercury prize winning, British band Gomez are announcing the 20th anniversary release of their triumphant second album Liquid Skin. The band are also sharing a previously unheard track from the Liquid Skin sessions today, called “Throwin’ Myself Away.”


Abbey Road’s Frank Arkwright has delved into the archives to remaster Liquid Skin from the original tapes which will be released digitally & as a special 2CD / 2LP standard & color edition featuring 19 unreleased tracks. Due July 12th via Virgin/UMe, fans can pre-order it here.


Surrounded by instruments, broken toys and a four-track recorder, Gomez recorded large parts of their debut album Bring It On in a garage in their hometown of Southport. To create its follow-up, Liquid Skin, the group would expand their horizons sonically and geographically, visiting America, an ill-fated English stately home & some of the finest recording studios in the world between 1998 and 1999.


There was no pause between Bring It On and Liquid Skin – the records were released just 518 days apart. “The first album and this one merge into one in a lot of ways. A lot of the tracks were written at the same time” explains singer/guitarist Ben Ottowell. “There’s a song called “Bring It On” on




Liquid Skin, which says it all really. They were made very closely together, so it seemed like part of the same process. We were constantly making records.”


As a result, writing and recording for Gomez’s second album did not so much have a definitive start but instead it emerged out of the same creative energy as their debut, although it soon took its own distinctive path…


Gomez’s drummer Olly Peakcock commented: “Liquid Skin was the step from the four track and recording in a garage to us accepting – in the most ridiculous way – that we were now doing music professionally. ‘Oh shit we somehow got our record deal, we are a band and we go to the studio now. We’re not going to be hacking it all together.’ There was an excitement because there were less limitations.”


“We were just using things we had access to… and for this album we had access to an orchestra! We just had a broader palette and we were getting more confident,” added Ben.


Going to Number 2 in the UK Album Chart on its release in September 1999, Liquid Skin not only justified the label’s faith to allow the band to work how and where they wanted, but it saw the British band crystallize their unique sound & grow audiences in America, Australia and other parts of the world, confirming that their Mercury Prize-winning debut was no fluke.


The new Liquid Skin deluxe 2CD will include 5 previously unreleased tracks, 4 previously unreleased alternate versions and 9 live tracks recorded at The Fillmore in San Francisco in 2000. There will be an accompanying remastered double LP release on black 180gm + a limited D2C transparent edition too.







A1 Hangover

A2 Revolutionary Kind

A3 Bring It On


B1 Blue Moon Rising

B2 Las Vegas Dealer

B3 We Haven’t Turned Around


C1 Fill My Cup

C2 Rhythm & Blues Alibi

C3 Rosalita


D1 California

D2 Devil Will Ride





1 Hangover

2 Revolutionary Kind

3 Bring It On

4 Blue Moon Rising

5 Las Vegas Dealer

6 We Haven’t Turned Around

7 Fill My Cup

8 Rhythm & Blues Alibi

9 Rosalita

10 California

11 Devil Will Ride



Previously unreleased demos

12 Throwin’ Myself Away

13 Nobody’s Girl

14 Someday

15 Brother Lead

16 Summer




Previously unreleased alternate versions
1 High On Liquid Skin (Demo)

2 We Haven’t Turned Around (No Orchestra)

3 Rosalita (Kit Version)

4 Las Vegas Dealer (Ben Vocal)


Live at The Fillmore, San Francisco, 2000

5 Hangover

6 Blue Moon Rising

7 Rhythm & Blues Alibi

8 Rosemary

9 Do’s & Don’ts

10 Las Vegas Dealer

11 We Haven’t Turned Around

12 Devil Will Ride

13 Bring It On

14 Gomez In A Bucket



Formats: Digital, Ltd 2CD deluxe 8 panel digipack, Ltd 180g Vinyl LP & Ltd Clear Vinyl LP


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