Janet Jackson Revisits Nine Rhythm Nation 1814 Remix Albums

The Iconic 2019 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee Celebrates 30 Years Of Her Groundbreaking 12x Platinum Album By Reissuing Nine Remix Mini-Albums

All Remixes Available Digitally For the First Time


Los Angeles – September 20, 2019 – A&M/UMe and Janet Jackson are proud to announce the release of Rhythm Nation 1814: The Remixes, which will be made available across digital platforms for the first time on September 20. The digital-only reissues of these nine historic remix mini-albums honor the 30th anniversary of one of Ms. Jackson’s most successful albums, Rhythm Nation 1814. Released on September 19, 1989, Rhythm Nation 1814 ultimately went 12x platinum worldwide and spawned seven Top 5 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

Tracks across the nine original mini-albums were initially issued around the world during Rhythm Nation 1814’s impressive 1989-90 reign, via various 12″ and 7″ vinyl releases and CD singles, including a series of CD maxi-singles in Japan.

Three highly sought-after non-LP tracks that were previously available on rare single releases only are also included with Rhythm Nation 1814: The Remixes: “The Skin Game,” “You Need Me,” and “The 1814 Megamix.” “The Skin Game” appears via two separate track entries labeled Part I and Part II, the latter of which is the instrumental version of the song.  

The mini-albums consist of 90 tracks in total, with almost 84 of them being the inventive, genre-spanning remixes done by the most respected producers and remixers of the day.

Shep Pettibone (Madonna, Pet Shop Boys) lent his magic touch to a score of remixes for “Alright” (a number of them featuring rapper Heavy D), “Escapade,” “Love Will Never Do (Without You),” “Miss You Much,” “Rhythm Nation,” and “State Of The World.” Meanwhile, original Rhythm Nation 1814 album producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis supervised some of the remixes done for “Black Cat,” in addition to laying down some remixes of their own for “Come Back To Me” (including two Spanish versions) and “Miss You Much.”

The always ferocious “Black Cat” saw remixes from Vaughn Halyard as supervised by both Jellybean Johnson and the aforementioned Jam and Lewis tandem, as well as additional production and remixing duties by CJ Mackintosh and David Dorrell. Mackintosh and Dorrell also contributed three exceptionally rare 12” mixes for “Escapade,” while Mackintosh solely contributed the “Love Will Never Do (Without You) – U.K. Funky 7” Mix.” Finally, Junior Vasquez (Whitney Houston, Britney Spears) forged a number of the “State Of The World” remixes alongside those done by Pettibone.

Ms. Jackson has had quite an eventful year already. Not only was this singular visionary artist inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s distinguished Class of 2019, but she also recently wrapped up three phases of her highly acclaimed and evocatively dubbed Metamorphosis residency at Park Theater at Park MGM. Jackson also made her live debut at the Glastonbury Festival 2019 in June, and she recently announced a number of live dates for her special #RN30 anniversary tour. Additionally, a half-dozen key entries in her acclaimed studio-album canon – Control, Control: The Remixes, Rhythm Nation 1814, janet., The Velvet Rope, All For You – were all reissued this year in standard black vinyl and special, limited edition color and picture disc vinyl.

Having sold over 180 million albums worldwide to date, Janet Jackson has long proven herself to be a liberated and noteworthy artist, one who ultimately emerged as a global superstar and a model for independent women everywhere. As the saying goes, we are part of the Rhythm Nation, and each of these nine digital remix mini-albums serve to remind us just how much Janet Jackson’s inherent knack for fusing together a variety of musical styles had been taken to even newer heights, thanks to the combined talents of many a gifted remixer.

Fans can order Janet Jackson’s digital-only The Rhythm Nation 1814 Remixes below:


Janet Jackson RHYTHM NATION 1814: THE REMIXES [digital only]

Alright: The Remixes

  1. Alright – 7″ Remix Featuring Heavy D
  2. Alright – 7″ R&B Mix Featuring Heavy D
  3. Alright – 7″ House Mix
  4. Alright – 7″ House Mix Featuring Heavy D
  5. Alright – 12″ R&B Mix Featuring Heavy D
  6. Alright – 12″ House Mix Featuring Heavy D
  7. Alright – House Dub
  8. Alright – LP Version


Black Cat: The Remixes

  1. Black Cat – Video Mix / Short Solo
  2. Black Cat – Video Mix / Long Solo
  3. Black Cat – LP Version
  4. Black Cat – Featuring Vernon Reid
  5. Black Cat – “3 Snaps Up” 7″
  6. Black Cat – Funky 7″
  7. Black Cat – “3 Snaps Up” 12″
  8. Black Cat – Funky 12″
  9. Black Cat – “3 Snaps Up” Dub


Come Back To Me: The Remixes

  1. Come Back To Me – 7″ I’m Begging You Mix
  2. Come Back To Me – I’m Begging You Mix 12″
  3. Vuelve A Mi (Come Back To Me Spanish)
  4. Come Back To Me – The Abandoned Heart Mix
  5. Come Back To Me – LP Version
  6. Come Back To Me – Instrumental
  7. Vuelve A Mi (Come Back To Me Castilian)
  8. The Skin Game – Part I – Non-LP Bonus Track
  9. The Skin Game – Part II (Instrumental)


Escapade: The Remixes

  1. Escapade – The Getaway 7″
  2. Escapade – We’ve Got It Made 7″
  3. Escapade – The Good Time 7″
  4. Escapade – Housecapade 7”
  5. Escapade – Shep’s Good Time Mix
  6. Escapade – Shep’s Housecapade Mix
  7. Escapade – The Getaway Dub
  8. Escapade – Housecapade Dub
  9. Escapade – Shep’s I Can’t Take No More Dub
  10. Escapade – LP Version


Escapade: The Remixes (2)

  1. Escapade – Hippiapolis Mix
  2. Escapade – Hippiapolis In Dub
  3. Escapade – One Nation Under A Rhythm Mix


Love Will Never Do (Without You): The Remixes

  1. Love Will Never Do (Without You) – Single Version
  2. Love Will Never Do (Without You) – Work It Out 7″ With Intro
  3. Love Will Never Do (Without You) – U.K. Funky 7″
  4. Love Will Never Do (Without You) – The Love 7″
  5. Love Will Never Do (Without You) – Work It Out 7″
  6. Love Will Never Do (Without You) – Shep’s Work It Out Mix
  7. Love Will Never Do (Without You) – U.K. Funky Mix – CJ Mackintosh
  8. Love Will Never Do (Without You) – Shep’s Love Mix
  9. Love Will Never Do (Without You) – The Work It Out Dub
  10. Love Will Never Do (Without You) – The Love Dub
  11. Love Will Never Do (Without You) – Shep’s Original 7″
  12. Love Will Never Do (Without You) – Acapella
  13. The 1814 Megamix – Full Version (Alright/Escapade/Rhythm Nation/Miss You Much/Black Cat)
  14. You Need Me – Non-LP Bonus Track


Miss You Much: The Remixes

  1. Miss You Much – 7″ Edit
  2. Miss You Much – Mama Mix
  3. Miss You Much – Slammin’ R&B Mix
  4. Miss You Much – Shep’s House Mix
  5. Miss You Much – Shep’s House Dub
  6. Miss You Much – Slammin’ Dub
  7. Miss You Much – 7″ R&B Mix
  8. Miss You Much – 7″ House Mix
  9. Miss You Much – 7″ Slammin’ R&B Mix
  10. Miss You Much – That Bass You Much Mix
  11. Miss You Much – Oh I Like That Mix
  12. Miss You Much – Sing It Yourself Mix
  13. Miss You Much – Acapella


Rhythm Nation: The Remixes

  1. Rhythm Nation – 7″ Edit
  2. Rhythm Nation – 12″ United Mix
  3. Rhythm Nation – 12″ House Nation Mix
  4. Rhythm Nation – House Nation Groove
  5. Rhythm Nation – 12″ United Dub
  6. Rhythm Nation – 7″ CHR Remix
  7. Rhythm Nation – 7″ United Mix Edit
  8. Rhythm Nation – 7″ House Nation Edit
  9. Rhythm Nation – LP Version
  10. Rhythm Nation – 7″ Instrumental
  11. Rhythm Nation – Rhythm Mix


State Of The World: The Remixes

  1. State Of The World – United Nations 7″
  2. State Of The World – State Of The House 7″
  3. State Of The World – Third World 7″
  4. State Of The World – LP Version
  5. State Of The World – State Of The House 12″
  6. State Of The World – United Nations 12″
  7. State Of The World – United Nations Dub
  8. State Of The World – United Nations Instrumental
  9. State Of The World – Third World Dub
  10. State Of The World – Third World Instrumental
  11. State Of The World – Make A Change Dub
  12. State Of The World – World Dance Mix
  13. State Of The World – State Of The World Suite