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Megadeth - We’ll Be Back: Chapter I

Official video for Megadeth's “We’ll Be Back” – Chapter One of a Trilogy – from their new album The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! Available on September 2nd, 2022. Pre-order/Pre-save: The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! Video Trilogy 1. We’ll Be Back: Chapter I: 2. Night Stalkers: Chapter II: Listen to Megadeth: Apple/iTunes: Spotify: Amazon: Deezer: Pandora: Follow Megadeth: Website: TikTok: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Introducing Megadeth’s CYBER ARMY 3.0, a web3 ecosystem dedicated to Megadeth fans and collectors. The first collection, RATTLEHEADS, is coming soon and will feature a generative collection of Vic Rattleheads highlighting nearly 40 years of iconic themes & imagery. The Whitelist begins NOW. Join our official Discord for access: … Cast: Rafael Pensado as Human Vic Fernanda Ferrer as Vic's wife Antonio Liberti As Vic's son Marcio Gianullo Arnaldo Lauzi Zoghby Valter Rocha Rinaldi Reginaldo Messa de Souza Gustavo Marques de Andrade Rafael Romanato Di Sessa Felipe Perles Felipe da Silva Sé Carlos Eduardo da Silva Sé Diego Jordão Luiz Flavio Leite Jr … PRODUCED BY: RAFAEL PENSADO DIRECTED BY: LEO LIBERTI EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND CREATOR: DAVE MUSTAINE Written by: Leo Liberti, Rafael Pensado Set producer and Gimbal operator: Renan Pacheco Set Producer: Ulisses Andreguetto Make and props: Roger Mátua Assistants: Vinne Negrão, Victor Augusto and Rudbear Guns: Renato Reis Uniforms: Cineaction Trucks: Rental Hobby - Juliano Franchini and Gustavo Franchini Pyrotechnic special effects: Kapel Furman Special effects assistant: Michelle Rodrigues Cam (band): Jarrod Mancilla Sound designer: Theo Vieira Making of: Rodrigo Barth Stunt Coordinator: Gutemberg Lins Stunts: Claudio Geasy, Daniel Galvão and Guilherme Nascimento Cams, editing and post production: Leo Liberti Catering: Lucinha Ambrosio Transport logistic: Ecoturismo Brasil Special thanks to: Mongaguá city hall Santo André city hall … WE’LL BE BACK The timing is right to exact my revenge Spilling enemy blood, I will fight to the end No more lying-in wait, just to even the score There’s a price to be paid, now it’s time for war I’m a soldier of fortune, of torture, and pain I bash in your skull until no teeth remain A ‘most-deadly’ weapon, pulverizing your head With each crushing blow, how you wish you were dead Just when you think it’s safe, I attack; we’ll be back When you least expect your fate; I attack; we’ll be back A kick to your face, one move, big mistake; we’ll be back Let down your guard, full-on frontal attack, I’ll be back! No use screaming for mercy, no use makin’ a sound Still, you step right up, and get smacked back down In the heat of battle, blood congeals on the floor Another life-force bleeds out, another soul out the door Antisocial, sadistic; the “Deity of War” I stuff body bags, and I’m packing the morgue No time for remorse over unclaimed remains It’s just flotsam and jetsam, and it’s circling the drain #Megadeth #WellBeBack #TheSickTheDyingAndTheDead



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